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  • Simple and Efficient process for Digitally Signing PDFs
  • Sign from Desktop or Mobile devices
  • Document Centric, no login, no app or password required
  • Transparent - Nothing left behind after you sign
  • Automatic signing positions (known documents/forms)
  • Signature Validation is self-contained (no third-party orchestration required)

    NDISign by Modus Consulting

    Modus Consulting enables organizations develop digital document frameworks and orchestrations. Starting with intelligent data capture via “Dynamic Interactive PDFs” to back office submission and orchestrations. This latest product offering now allows for a fully digital document workflow. With no printing and wet signing required, organizations can realize the true value of the full circle digital document workflow. A simple, intuitive and efficient groundbreaking experience for an age old task.

    About NDISign by Modus Consulting

    As developers and solution providers of digital documents and workflows using PDF, we have now developed the missing step for a complete digital workflow - Digital Signing (in conjunction with GOVTECH NDI (“Sign with Singpass”). Trusted Integrity and Identity on a digital document.

    The solution is customer centric; as we believe the document should be in the customer’s hands and attested before actually applying their signature. This in-premise solution allows for customized branding of the experience interface, a platform agnostic approach, as well as the simplest of signing ceremonies, two clicks on the interface. One for selecting the document, One for getting it back.
    Simply Efficient!


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