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Modus Consulting provides the latest technologies and experiences to transforming your business of data collection into simple & clean state of the art forms and document processing. All aspects of electronic documents, including areas of document preparation, security conditioning, assisted data collection, signatures and submissions are key to our business and an essential component for our customers.

We focus on dynamic interactive as well as static based forms and documents as we have the proven expertise in this field throughout this region.

With our focused team and proven track record, we endeavor to demonstrate the latest capabilities of dynamic and static  interactive forms that work on multiple platforms seamlessly with a single design. This is delivered using render into PDF or HTML5 on demand technologies. Stepping forward, we will demonstrate one of many render/pre-fill/fill/sign/submit blueprint solutions that we have developed and delivered as leading edge solution providers.

Call us for a no obligation discussion on how we can optimize and increase productivity in your business. The capabilities and scalability is endless.

Past Engagements

Over the past decade, we have built and deployed forms and orchestration for various industries and companies.

  • Various Financial Sector Agencies , MNC Banks, Insurance
  • Various Government Agencies and Boards
  • Various Commercial Sector Companies

Details are available on request : Please contact us

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